Cory & Kendra

W e   g o t   m a r r i e d

Forever our date

OCT 05 2019

The groom

Cory was born in Wellington, KS and moved to Topeka after college to work as a computer programmer. His inner nerd is mostly contained by his rugged appearance and general use of flannel shirts. After spending many years wrestling alligators and chopping down trees he was ultimately wrangled and tamed by a Goddess who's earth name is translated to Kendra.


The Bride

Kendra was born and raised in Topeka,KS. She enjoys baking, annoying Cory while he plays video games, and is always down for a good Netflix or Hulu binge. Kendra is funny, sweet, and loveable; at least Cory thinks so. Lately, she's been caught chasing Arya around the house and can often be heard singing Mariah Carey out of tune.


Our love story

First Met

Summer 2015

Cory and Kendra first met courtesy of a work-sponsored happy hour. After some beverages and games the night was ending with both Cory and Kendra remaining undefeated in the Lightning Reaction Game. On the last game of the night Kendra and Cory faced off in what would go down in history as the biggest scandal ever to involve the Lightning Reaction game. Kendra's handle wasn't plugged in (allegedly) and thus never got shocked. Cory was defeated and cried for 10 days straight.

First Date

March 2016

After weeks of build up, Kendra ultimately had to ask Cory out on a date. It was a celebratory occasion; although neither Cory or Kendra recall what was being celebrated. In fact, Cory doesn't remember much from that night. This was the first of many times that Kendra would drive Cory home due to drinking too many Bud Lights. Fortunately, Cory was given a second opportunity the following day to impress Kendra. Impress her, he did.


June 2018

Welcome Arya, the third musketeer in this crazy combo. Undoubtedly the coolest member of the crew, Arya inherited many great qualities from her parents. Unfortunately, some bad ones too. Stubborn like her Daddy she decided to wait 24hrs into labor before making her grand entrance. Since then, she's made up with it by her sweet nature (thanks Mom) and wild personality (thanks Dad).


Oct 05 2019

With so many memories already created, the Three Musketeers are ready to start the next chapter of their lives! Don't miss out on this fun-loving occasion with this fun-loving couple!

We are going to... Celebrate Our Love

Wedding events

The Wedding

  • 1114 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS 66604
  • Oct 05 2019, 1PM

The wedding will be at Mater Dei Church, in Topeka, Kansas.

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The Reception

  • 12305 150th Rd, Mayetta, KS 66509
  • Oct 05 2019, 5PM - 11PM

The reception will be at Praire Band Casino and Resort just North of Topeka off Highway 75. There will also be hotel rooms blocked off for our out of town guests at a discounted rate. Please call 785-966-7742 to book.

See location

Getting there


Located 15 minutes North of Topeka. Take 75N to 150th Rd. Park by the South water towers.


A block of rooms at a discounted rate has been reserved for our guests at the Praire Band Hotel and Resort. Kindly reference the Guilfoyle Shivers Party when making reservations. Please call 785-966-7742 to book.

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